Adapted from Atlas Manual & memories of making this in college

3 cups all-purpose flour
4 large eggs
1 teaspoon salt (optional)
4 tablespoons water (optional)

To make pasta dough in a food processor:
Process and blend flour, eggs, salt, and water in food processor until mixture just begins to form a ball, adding more water if needed by spoonfuls. The dough should be firm and pliable and not sticky. Pulse dough for 10 seconds more to knead it and remove from processor. If the dough feels a bit sticky, flour it on the outside, place on a floured surface and let stand for an hour covered by a bowl. This makes your dough more pliable.

Once the dough is ready, cut it into four/five pieces and roll the pieces one by one through the pasta roller, starting with the thickest opening and then gradually increasing the dial. Be sure to roll the sheet through the “1”, i.e. thickest setting 4-5 times to get all the air bubbles out and ensure a smooth sheet. For fettucine, the 4 or 5 setting on the Atlas machine works very well. Anything thinner and your pasta begins to rip. Once you are done with the thinness of your pasta sheet, move it through the pasta cutter selecting the desired type of pasta. Take the pasta afterwards and place it on a towel to dry for an hour. While drying, boil a large pot of water with some salt and a little bit of olive oil. When water is at a boil, throw in the pasta and let cook for 3 minutes or so. Test the pasta for doneness (you want it to be al dente) and when the pasta is finished, drain the water and serve immediately with your favorite sauce and plenty of freshly grated Parmesan cheese!!

© 2018 Olga Massov