Ready for the week.

As soon as you get home from the greenmarket, separate your radishes from the greens. Using a sturdy vegetable brush, scrub the radishes thoroughly so they are free of any sand and dirt, and rinse them thoroughly in cold water. Get either a large wide mouth glass jar, or, in my case a large gallon-sized resealable bag (if you’ve run out of large jars). Line the bottom of the jar or bag with a layer of paper towels. Put still-damp radishes on top. Put another layer of paper towel and repeat until you are out of radishes. If using a bag, squeeze out excess air and voila! Crunchy, fresh radishes all week (and beyond!) long.

There’s an added bonus: Should you get a random radish craving (like I do), you can just run over to your fridge, and pull a radish out of the bag. No rinsing needed – you can crunch away without any delays.

© 2018 Olga Massov