New organizational kitchen tip.

Forgive me for a such a short post, and also for the longest post title known to man. I sound like a broken record when I explain my silence here: work, recipe testing, clean. Lather, rinse, repeat. But I have been working on a recipe here for you – I just need to shoot it. But it’s ready to go and it’s a really good one, I promise!

This organizational tip was a fluke, really. But if you’re a city dweller living in an apartment with a tiny kitchen (Hi, virtually every New Yorker!), and you happen to have a fully stocked kitchen, you might be struggling with various rolls of wrap, foil, paper (parchment and waxed), and so on. I know I do, and I don’t have wall/shelf space for those contraptions from the Container Store that vertically organize it for you, hence my Julia Child-style peg board that my dad helped me make awhile back.

A new organizational tip!

I had an empty 6-pack carton sitting on the floor of my kitchen when I needed to clear my counter space in a flash. I shoved a few rolls of parchment and foil into the slots and then I had a great idea: Keep the carton indefinitely and use it to house my boxes of plastic wrap, foil, paper, and so on. It freed up SO much storage on one of my pantry shelves, the space feels positively luxurious now. I keep the carton on the floor (I know it’s not the prettiest or ideal), but it’s tidy and the rolls don’t fall out or go anywhere, which is a bonus. Best part, I now don’t have to duck for cover every time I open my “wrap” cabinet as sometimes things would slide out and hit me squarely on the head.

Hope this tip works for you! How do you keep a tiny kitchen organized?

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