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Sassy Radish is a blog written by Olga Massov, a finance geek by day, and home cook enthusiast by night. Sassy Radish is dedicated to cooking, writing and photography. Initially this site was conceived with the notion that good food need not be complicated and that cooking with whole ingredients was not only a way of cooking, it was a reflection on how we live our life. Also, cooking is simply fun.

Originally, Olga hails from Russia and although she's lived in the United States most her life, she maintains her deep love of all things pickled, herring, pelmeni, cabbage and sour cream (among other things). Olga's life in the US,on the other hand, helped her to develop great penchant for things like bourbon, barbecue and bluegrass. She likes to eat pretty much everything, particularly sushi, brisket, Indian, Thai and good Mexican (the latter being rather difficult to locate in New York). She's a sucker for things with cilantro, lime and onions and thinks mashed potatoes is an acceptable answer to a really bad day.

While Olga tolerates fennel in some situations (she's even grown to like it thinly shaved in salads), she won't touch anything containing licorice or anise. She is also rather indifferent to Spanish food, though she is open to trying more of it and no amount of trying has made her warm up to it. Since her background is Russian, she has and will continue to feature some traditional Russian recipes and those that have been passed onto her by her mother and grandmothers. Because her day job is uncreative and involves financial type things, she tries to spend many of her evenings and weekends cooking.

The kitchen has shifted locations and square footage through the life of this blog, however, most recently the kitchen is but a small tiled area sharing the same room with the living room. A kitchen cart with a stainless steel top and a fold-out breakfast bar, purchased to provide some counter space, acts as a separator between the kitchen and the living room. a roughly 45 square foot space complete with ample shelving and fancy cabinetry, lovely counter space and, (drum-roll), a dishwasher (cue singing choir of angels!). A girl can get so lucky!

All the photography on this site is taken by the writer using her trusty Nikon D70s and a variety of lenses: the beloved Sigma 60mm macro lens, the 50mm Nikkor lens, and a Nikkor 18-70mm zoom lens. The wide-angle lens is next on her list.

Use of recipes, writing, photography: Olga will be flattered should you want to use her photography elsewhere so long as you give her proper credit.

Comment Etiquette: We love comments here at Sassy Radish! Your comments are welcome here and we want it to be a cordial and pleasant environment for us all to share ideas, ask questions and exchange best practices. Please treat this space as if you were a guest at our kitchen for dinner - if you wouldn't say something to the hostess at the dinner table, perhaps the comment might not be appropriate. Please be respectful and nurturing of the other commenters as well. The Sassy Radish censor (that's Olga!) is generally quite lax (unlike her birth country!), however, should you choose to leave a mean and disparaging comment addressed to the writer or about someone else, the censor has the liberty to edit your comment out. We like to play nice in the SR sandbox and share our toys!

If you have a question or a comment you wish to email Olga directly, she'd love to hear from you. If you have a recipe question, it is best to leave a comment, this way we can all exchange ideas and certainly other readers might share your questions or concerns.

Contact: SassyRadish at yahoo dot com

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