Dark and Stormy
Slightly adapted from David Wondrich, Esquire

Wondrich instructs in his recipe, that depending on the rum you use and the ginger beer you use, the proportions might vary – the trick is to get a good balance. Use the recipe as a guideline and take it from there. I’d also add avoid going crazy on lime juice – you want your drink to taste like a drink and not like spiked, muddled limeade with a ginger kick. The drink needs to be full of spices and flavors, but also clean on the palate. If you find it a bit cloying, you’ve added too much of probably ginger beer or lime juice. If you find the drink too strong, well, you know what happened there. But you can always water it down, if you wish.

3 ounces black rum (ideally Gosling’s Black Seal)
3 ounces ginger beer (I prefer Bruce Cost’s, but any real ginger beer (not ale) will do
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice

Combine rum, ginger beer, and lime juice in a tall (preferably Collins) glass filled with ice cubes. Stir and serve. The key here is to nail the perfect proportion of rum to ginger beer. This, of course, will vary from rum to rum and from ginger beer to ginger beer. If you order this in Bermuda or anywhere in the Caribbean, you’ll most likely get it without the lime juice, however, in the US, lime juice is a regular actor in a Dark and Stormy, and frankly I prefer it this way (and so does Dave Wondrich, who knows everything there is to know about cocktails).

Makes 1 drink

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