a short break

essence of chicken drink

Dear readers, I’ve got some good entries sitting on the back burner that I just can’t seem to finish up at this point in time. The kitchen has been somewhat abandoned lately, in favor or trying to soak in the summer nights, friends, wine and the ever-addictive spin classes. And on top of everything, there’s been some bumps on the road, a bit of turmoil here and there that is increasingly needing more of my attention, which, sadly, comes at the cost of cooking and writing.

I’m taking a short’ish break and hope that you all will be here when I return. I’m sorry to just up and disappear, but I need some bandwidth to tend to more pressing matters at the moment.

I leave you with two pictures (and I must apologize for their quality as they were taken with my blackberry!) that I took while wading around a Chinatown grocery store. I found them pretty humorous and hope you do as well. I think they speak for themselves and any commentary, witty or otherwise, would detract from them. So enjoy.

Artificial Spicy Hot Pork

Now, I might just go ahead and post a recipe in the next few days (proving myself wrong), but I wanted to at least partly explain my radio silence.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and taking advantage of all the bounty that’s currently in season!


  • Helen

    There will be no getting rid of me Radish! I’ll definitely be awaiting your return. As for the pictures, I can’t get over them! Essence of chicken DRINK and ARTIFICIAL spicy hot pork. Oh my God.

  • Robin

    Everyone needs a break sometimes, I’ll be here when you come back!
    Oh and essence of chicken drink is like “all the rage” in China. College kids drink it because they think it will help them have more brain power on tests (and some studies say that it does help!)

  • Sarah

    I’m the queen of radio silence, and i don’t usually have the politesse to announce or explain it first, so you’re way ahead of me. now is the perfect time for spin, wine, and outdoor evenings. take good care of yourself.

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