greasing a measuring spoon or cup

greasing measuring spoons or cups

It’s happened to all of us – a recipe calls for say a quarter cup of honey or maple syrup. Dutifully, we measure out the required amount, only to find that a notable part of our sticky liquid has remained stuck to the sides and bottom of either the measuring spoon or cup we’re using. It’s a frustrating experience and I found a way to work around it.

If you’re using measuring spoons, lightly coat them with cooking spray (lightly, is the key word here – you don’t want uber-greasy spoons!) and measure out your honey, maple syrup, molasses, what have you. You’ll be amazed how clean your spoons will look (read – no sticky residue) once you try to empty it.

For measuring cups, in case you don’t own a scale (which you totally should because it’s indispensable), I would recommend the following. Try to see if you need to use oil or melted butter in the recipe – and measure that out first and then, once empty, measure out the honey/maple syrup/molasses in the same measuring cup. The remnants of the oil should do the trick and your sweetener measurement will be accurate.

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