the “mitt romney” oven mitt

Mitt Romney Oven Mitt - all done!

At long last – it’s here. The moment you’ve been waiting for, with bated breath — the Mitt Romney Oven Mitt. The accessory you, and your kitchen, can’t live without this Election Season. A first, and quite possibly the last, arts-and-crafts project here on Sassy Radish.


blank canvas

It all started with me one day jokingly calling Mitt Romney “Mitten Romney”, and an idea was born:

Why not make a Mitt Romney oven mitt? Perhaps not the most practical of ideas, it certainly sounded like fun. So off to the races I went.

the beginnings of a very silly crafts project

After trying to find a plain, white oven mitt, I finally found one on amazon. A child’s oven mitt, it wound up fitting my hand just fine – but then again, I have child-sized hands.

Googly eyes quickly followed. [Googly eyes are awesome, by the way. I have half a mind to start gluing them in random places in our apartment.]

missing a few features

But once I had my mitten and my eyes, I was a little stuck. Mitt has crazy good, movie-star quality hair. Which meant that the oven mitt needed a well-styled coiff of its own. After rummaging in my food-styling-gift-giving drawer, I was able to locate some twine and straw. A few snips of my scissors and a little mop, fit to grace the top of an oven mitt, was born.

Next was the question of a tie. Mitt is a dapper, sartorially savvy (most of the time) gentleman and needed a politically appropriate accessory. Thank goodness for Jennie who just got back from Paris and brought me a bevy of tasty treats, among which was a the most incredible raspberry-rhubarb Christine Ferber jam. Maybe deep inside I knew that the little cloth was going to be handy, but for some reason, I saved it. The cloth became quite handy in making the mitt’s tie. How’s that for resourcefulness?

Andrew, the hand model

And finally, I used my very limited art skills to draw Mitt’s nose and mouth and eyebrows. Eh voila – a Mitt Romney Oven Mitt. Just in time for the RNC convention.

**DISCLAIMER: Please note, this is not, in any way, an endorsement of either candidate. Just a crafty idea by someone (me!) who just submitted a ton of cheffy recipes to an editor and was looking for a fun(ny) and creative outlet to pass a few hours of her time.

You might also see a vertical Romney ad on this blog – not sure how it’s coming through, but I think this is through Google ads. I will try to get them to remove any political endorsements from this blog.**


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