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And a beer for the cook!

Good Friday morning to all! See that picture above? That’s me rewarding myself for resourcefully using what we had in the pantry to make dinner: chile-cumin turkey burgers, smoky-chile sweet potato wedges with lime, and a giant salad. Also, I was getting into honeymoon mode, except I suspect I’ll be drinking Red Stripes while in Jamaica. Our flight tomorrow is so early, that we might be waking up when some of you (some of the hipper, cooler of you) will be just getting to sleep. I don’t expect to have much internets there, and I’m kind of looking to being untethered, so I don’t expect to post any links next Friday – I hope you understand. And since it’ll be well over a week until we speak again, I wish you a wonderful weekend, a stress-free week, and another great weekend following. Cheers!


James Brown turns Game of Thrones into “A Man’t World”. Mind. Blown.

Comfort in; dump out.

Last month, SCOTUS ruled in favor of allowing the importation and resale of foreign editions of American works, which are often cheaper than domestic editions. I’m still muddling through this article, and if time allows, this opinion.

The spread of obesity in America. Mind-boggling.

Where I hardly go anymore. Beautifully, written Kasey, and though I’m not yet a parent, I know exactly where she’s coming from.

Margaret Thatcher’s death confuses Cher’s Twitter fans.

Are “silken” tea bags actually made of plastic and what does this mean for our health?

Climate change and wine – how it’s affecting growers.

Woody Allen, Louis CK, and the power of a hand-written note.

Worst baby names for San Franciscans. Quite funny. It gets me thinking about what would worst baby names for New Yorkers be?

Some Housekeeping:

Interview & Giveaway:
The lovely ladies who run Pantry Confidential (Hana Choi and Christine Han) profiled me on their fabulous blog. I had such a blast spending an afternoon with them in the apartment, cooking, laughing, and eating. I’m excited to hang out with them after I get back from Jamaica. There’ll definitely be some happy hour beers consumed! Also, at the bottom of the interview, they’re doing a giveaway for The Kimchi Cookbook. Leave them a comment for your chance to win. Giveaway runs through 4/30/13 11:59 pm EST.

RSS Reader Woes: I’m sure that by now everyone knows Google Reader is going away (sob!). Since the announcement was made, I’ve been trying many other RSS readers for size, and so far, I’m happiest with the Old Reader, which, apparently, was designed to maintain the same look, feel, and functionality of the old google reader. My deepest thanks to the team behind the Old Reader – it’s clean, minimalist, organized – same reasons I so love the Google Reader. I did try Bloglovin’ and Feedly, among several others – and really didn’t like the layout. To be honest, I pretty much hated every other RSS feed because of how the feeds were grouped and displayed. “Less, not more,” I kept muttering to myself, and the Old Reader (bless them!) fits that bill to a tee. A quick note: if you do decide to switch over to the Old Reader, the site will tell you that there is an ‘x’ number of people ahead of you. Don’t worry about it – just let some time pass, and before you know it, you’ll get an email that says your feed have been imported – hooray! Oh, and as for all you folks using Google Reader to feed into your links (on the blog) page (like I do), I am still researching if there’s a way to have it display the links in a dynamic and not static fashion. If anyone knows of anything, please let all of us know.


  • Robert S.

    Hi Olga; looks like we left SF just in time (though we named our son Zachary, which isn’t hip or San Francisco-esque); I may need your assistance with names in the future, since our next child (when we have one) will be born in New England.

    Anyhoo, have a fabulous honeymoon, and raise one Red Stripe for me!

  • olga

    Gail – can’t you have both? :)

    Robert S. – I shouldn’t be advising anyone on names.. but since it’ll be a NE baby… I suppose Cheddar or Birkenstock might not be the best ideas. :)

  • Lena

    OMG, Olga, I clicked on the Comfortin, dump out article this morning but only got around to reading it now (having been so engaged in our fbook chatsy!). It is truly fantastic! I always love your links but this one really hit home with me. Really great article, as always thanks for posting!

  • olga

    Lena – thanks! I loved it too and it hit home as well. I think it’s a piece everyone should read.

  • Michael

    “Last month, SCOTUS ruled in favor of allowing the importation and resale of foreign editions of American works, which are often cheaper than domestic editions. I’m still muddling through this article, and if time allows, this opinion.:”

    It was already law that you could import (lawfully sold or transferred) copyrighted goods w/o permission of the copyright owner if they were first sold abroad but manufactured in the US. The copyright owner only gets to control the “first sale.”

    The question settled in this case was whether you could import such goods w/o copyright owners permission if they were manufactured abroad. You can.

    Which means you are free to arbitrage US goods lawfully sold or transferred by copyright owner irrespective of where they were first sold or manufactured. As the defendant in this case was doing buying up cheaper, foreign manufactured textbooks of US publisher and importing them to the US and reselling them in the US for a profit.

    The publishers are, of course, still free to price discriminate based on geographical location they simply can’t use the Copyright Act anymore to help them do it. They may have other other ways they can accomplish the same goal but I haven’t given it much thought (they will) — perhaps printing more localized editions. Or running to Congress to have them change the law.

    Just a couple of weeks after this case the 2nd Circuit Appeals Court essentially ruled that the “First Sale Doctrine” doesn’t apply to digital goods. So in the battle between consumer and publishers it is one all.

    Enjoy your trip. Don’t smoke too much ganja.

  • Jenna

    Three cheers for Yuengling!!! That made my day!
    Also, really enjoyed the baby names article.
    Happy Honeymoon!
    – a Pennsylvanian in Maine

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