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Happy pre-Thanksgiving Friday, friends. This weekend will be all about prepping for the holiday (we’re hosting both of our families), and finally getting through the second pass of the Forgione book. (I will get it done no matter what.) Oh, and I’ve decided to clean out our freezer – wish me luck.

I feel a little suspended at the moment: can’t quite pack because we’re hosting families, but slowly, a few boxes have crept up here and there. I keep trying to figure out what things we’ll need in the new apartment. I keep worrying that I’ll be still testing recipes like crazy when it’s time to really pack up. Or that our Ikea planner will tell us none of our future appliances will fit. As I type this, I’m swimming in a sea of loose recipes: for the book, for the blog, for next week. There’s a harrowing pile of mail on my desk that I must get through. I no longer know which ingredients are for testing for the book and which are for next week, which only means one thing: I’ll screw it up and run out of something essential.

I’m hoping to go for a run this grey and rainy morning. I haven’t worked out all week because I was feeling dreadful but the lack of exercise makes me sluggish, anxious, and far less productive. So while I might not have much time for a run, even twenty minutes outside in the damp, fall air, will brighten me up. In fact, I’m really looking forward to it.

I don’t know if I can post anything next week. It’ll be a holiday weekend and we’ll be running around with our families, but maybe I’ll acquire some great reading links – we’ll see. In the meantime, I hope your pre-holiday weekend is restful and calming.


The paradox of diverse communities.

Set aside an hour for this, but your eyes will well up. Fabulous older women talking about wardrobe and life. Breathtaking.

How to look good in photos – do the squinch!

Which companies are taking the necessary steps to encrypt your data? Here’s a grid.

English has a new preposition, because internet. Because grammar.

This guy live-tweeted his neighbor’s break-up – and some illuminating things emerge.

You know how you get that gut feeling? That could be the work of, literally, your gut, or rather the gut bacteria.

How to answer when you’re asked to work for free. (via David Lebovitz – thanks, David!) I have a lot to say on this matter, but at the risk of rubbing some folks the wrong way, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Study: People who regularly eat nuts, live longer.

This amazing, giddy, video encouraging little girls to become engineers. We’re more than princesses and pink-dress-wearers it suggests while inverting the famous Beastie Boys’ song “Girls”. Absolutely delightful! And I couldn’t agree more.


  • Margarita

    hello olga,

    my husband and i moved across the country from WA to MD 4 months ago. 90% of our stuff was packed in a moving truck and they delivered it to us about a week after we moved into our new home. while our moving situations are different, here are a few tips that might help.

    you may already be doing these things, but here they are anyway:
    when you need a break from your writing/recipe testing/etc, pack things that you know for sure you won’t be using in the next 3 months (i.e. summer clothes, books (that are not cookbooks), summer shoes, beddings, purses, CDs/DVDs, picture frames, albums/pictures, paintings, knick knacks, those lotions in the bathroom that you don’t really use everyday ). while you’re at this, make a Goodwill pile, rifle through old documents/receipts/etc and make a shred pile too… this is ultimate clutter reduction!

    hope this was of luck to you!!!

  • olga

    Margarita – thank you. doing that so it’s helpful to confirm. I’ve moved so much in my life, I feel like i have an advanced degree in this. Were it not for recipe testing and deadlines, I’d be less worried, but I suppose it’ll all work out. We’re only moving a few neighborhoods over!

  • Mia Culpa

    I am so in the same boat of packing for a move and holiday madness, with the added bonus of traveling for Thanksgiving to visit my family. I’m pleased to be in a new place by Christmas, but good lord, the stress! Good luck, fellow mover!

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