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Happy Friday, friends. Today marks the two week mark until our move. We should really start packing, don’t you think? I’m hoping that a good chunk of recipe testing for one of the books will be out of the way (I just need to be sent more recipes). At the risk of running a bit ahead of myself, I will try (but can’t guarantee) to post Friday links on the day of the move. Perhaps I can schedule it in advance and have it automatically publish on a certain day.

It hasn’t been the easiest week here. Besides mourning the death of Judy Rodgers, I got word that my middle school science teacher lost her battle with breast cancer. She had beaten it the first time, and then it came back, more advanced, and the treatment just didn’t work. She passed away two nights ago, still very young. One of her children is still in college.

And yesterday’s news of Nelson Mandela’s passing were, while not entirely surprising, still sad. The world lost a remarkable figure.

There’s much packing (and recipe testing) ahead for this weekend. Also, a tree-trimming party, a now-annual tradition, at our friends’ place replete with mimosas, bloody marys, and a stromboli that puts you in hibernation mode for the rest of the day. I’m thinking of bringing these cookies along. I hope wherever the weekend takes you, it is merry and bright!

Amazing shadow sculptures by artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster – absolutely stunning.

The U.S. is terrible at international tests. Does it matter? Is it a predictor of success?

Non-organic food that’s safe to eat. If, like most folks, you’re on a budget, eating 100% organic can be very expensive. Getting your produce from a trusted farmer, even if they aren’t certified organic, is one way of solving this problem. But if you’re not near a greenmarket, this is a helpful guide on where it’s okay to eat conventionally produced food.

How not to die of botulism.

The longest longitudinal study on what makes men (and I suspect women, too) happy.

Does a period at the end of a text message signal anger? I sincerely hope it’s simply a sign of good grammar. Also, this New Yorker cartoon captures me perfectly.

Why it’s harder to move up in America’s segregated cities.

I’m getting to the point where my Facebook frustration is through the roof. Anyone else? Folks, if you like reading this blog, just sign up for the updates via email (top left) or through an RSS feeder (I use Feedly and I love it). Facebook is becoming less and less reliable as means of disseminating information (unless you pay them, that is).

Shuna Lydon has some great advice for chefs.

The cake hack that will make your life better.

And lastly, it’s been a tough week (for me at least). Here’s a hedgehog in a muffin pan to cheer you up.


  • Barbara | Creative Culinary

    Maybe it won’t help a bit if I say I can truly empathize but I can. I am scheduled to close on a new home 12/17. They promised before Christmas but this seems to be stretching it a bit and I’ll not really have a Christmas since I’m staying in temporary quarters at a friends house and by quarters I mean what I refer to as my ‘nun’s room. Her husband is a total control freak who drives me totally bonkers so I stay ensconced in my itty bitty room and am ready for a breakout! A friend by the way who isn’t much of a cook and whose kitchen could be the sound stage for a 1970’s sitcom. I think that’s how old everything is. :) I’m excited about a new home but it’s the kitchen I crave most of all!

    My daughter just completed treatment for cancer but I can’t shake the fear. Checkups every three months for 5 years say a lot about how insidious those cells are and our foray into this arena has enabled both of us to share huge triumphs but also deal with huge loss; I’m so sorry for yours.

    Hoping your move goes smoothly…take good care.

  • olga

    Barbara – good luck with the move; and sending good thoughts and prayers to your daughter. May everything go well.

  • Kathy Cromwell

    Are you asking for recipes from others ? if so, I just made the most delicious Vegetarian meatloaf and my meat eating husband thought it was meat. I am now obsessed with making it and would love to share it for anyone that may attempt to eat Vegetarian or loves meatloaf !
    I adore your blog and find it so wonderful !

  • olga

    Kathy – thank you, sounds wonderful. Sorry I was unclear: I need recipes from the chef I’m working with! :) Since I’m co-writing the book with him. I would solicit more recipes, except I’m behind on reading my cookbooks + magazines, never mind anything else.

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