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Normally, the view outside my tiny home office ain't much, so this is quite an improvement. #hercules #snow #newhome

Happy Friday, friends. And for the folks affected by the snow, happy snow day! Not too many links this week – slow’ish news week because of the holiday and I’ve been a little distracted by all the logistical kitchen / apartment stuff. The littlest things take the longest time. On Monday, demolition of our old kitchen starts, also we’re getting a used dishwasher delivered. Once it’s in our apartment, I’ll tell you the story of how we acquired a fancy dishwasher. After I hit publish this post, I have to call the marble people and talk money. I think the marble countertops post will be really useful to you guys, I’m gathering careful notes, so when the marble work is done (a few weeks from now), I’ll write a comprehensive post, but there are ways to save money even on something as pricey as marble. I’ll also talk about why we chose marble and not wood, Caesarstone, granite, etc.

It’s funny how now is really not the right time, financially, for us to be doing the kitchen, but given its very poorly functional state at the time of the move-in, we had to just jump into it. We’ve yet to hang curtains! We’ve yet to learn how to hang curtains! We have a broken couch that needs to be replaced. Eh, you get the drift. It’s an ongoing effort over here. I haven’t even mentioned work – so, so, so behind on my work on books.

Oh, and Andrew surprised me with a vacation that starts next Sunday. He used mostly our hotel/airline points so we’re not spending much money on it, but still, it’s not ideal timing to be spending any money. But yes, vacation! In Mexico! With an ocean! And a beach! And my trusty computer with work, but that’s okay. Hope you have a nice, cozy weekend ahead!


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    Welcome to the world of home ownership! If you haven’t seen the following movie, rent it. The Money Pit, it stars Tom Hanks and is from the 1980’s. Good Luck!

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