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At it again.

Hello, friends. Can you imagine my waking up this morning only to realize it’s Friday? I blinked and Monday became Friday – how? It’s the end of the week, said Andrew to me, rolling over in semi-awake state, The weekend begins tonight.

I’m jealous of the term weekend because until late-March-early-April, there are no weekdays or weekends – there are just days, and I have to use them to finish a manuscript. No pressure or anything. The sheer feeling of anxiety along (never mind all those other feelings I have to sift through) is enough to render me a little paralyzed. And yet, one word at a time, I keep reminding myself.

Yesterday, despite being plunged into Arctic chill, was great. You know why? Because I got to test more ice cream recipes with one of the amazing Van Leeuwen founders. Our testing days are long and intense, but so much fun, and really, who can complain having to taste different kinds of ice cream throughout the day. By about noon, we tasted a few batches we had churned a few days prior, and ice cream before noon, I must say, is pretty great. I was running to the subway at nine something en route to Greenpoint, to test, and saw some men pile into a corner bar that’s right by the subway stop. And it wasn’t even ten o’clock! Is drinking before noon way worse than eating ice cream before noon? Or am I just trying to make myself feel better? In any case, ice cream testing – hugely fun and I highly recommend it. Also recommended? Stretchy pants.

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. Outside of my book work (and finishing testing for it), I have high hopes to buy a rug for our living room floor. We were gifted some Amex cards around our wedding time, and we hung on to them to get something for the home. There’s a fantastic little textile shop in Boerum Hill (soon to be in Williamsburg, I believe), Sharktooth Club, and I’m a touch obsessed with their offerings. Beautiful, older, threadbare rugs that have so many stories to tell, so much history behind those threads. I certainly hope that we can grab one of them and continue their story at our home.

Have a great weekend!
xo, olga


A relentless widening of disparity in wealth.

Rethinking the 40-hour work week. I think I’m doing something wrong because I work well in excess of that.

Apparently, you can actually predict the “marrying type”.

Uh, so, Russia’s invading Ukraine now?

Oh, and while we’re all watching the events in Crimea, Putin cleans house in Moscow, firing the editor-in-chief of, blocking access to certain websites. Reading this piece made me physically ill.

I’m pretty sure everyone saw this, but in case you somehow missed, Obama was brilliant on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galafinakis.

Buy less, do more – 5 reasons why experiences make us happier than things.

San Francisco just became the first US city to ban the sale of single use water bottles.

Lastly, Amazon Prime just raised its price to $99/year. Still worth it to me, anyone else?


  • Gail

    I love this series, as you know, Olga.
    And, yes, $99 for Amazon Prime is fine with me. I can’t tell you how much of my shopping is accomplished there….from dental floss to my big commercial KA mixer, and everything in between. I should probably pay you, really, for introducing it to me in the first place.


  • olga

    Gail – no need to pay me, I’m just glad you’re finding it as useful as I do. It’s a life-saver (and a huge time-saver too!). Getting my stainless shelf for the kitchen via mail rather than having to go and lug it myself (not to mention other things) has been invaluable.

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