immunity-boosting gold-hued elixir

A sunny juice to revitalize a winter-weary soul

I promise I won’t post only fresh juices and homemade scrubs here, and it’s not the New Year resolutions talking (I don’t do those). But for some time now I’ve been itching to start using my juicer again. We received it as a wedding gift, and for awhile I was making a lot of homemade juices. And then I kind of forgot about it.

Working from home these days allows me do something as simple as stealing away for ten minutes to make the juice and clean up afterwards. If I need a short break from what I’m doing, making a juice is the perfect activity: I get juice as a result and I get a much-needed change of activity.

Rest assured, after I made this juice yesterday afternoon, I was sure to chase it down with a handful (or two) of holiday-themed M&Ms.

Immunity-Boosting Golden Elixir
makes about 4 cups (but all depends on how much juice the vegetables hold)

Truthfully, I can’t verify if this juice, indeed, boots my immunity, but it makes me feel so good drinking it, I assume that it’s doing me some good. The ingredients below aren’t prescriptive, nor the amounts—it’s just what I happened to have on hand. If using turmeric, keep in mind it stains everything, so don’t wear anything you’ll be sad to turn yellow, and if you have marble counters, you may want to place your juicer on a tray to catch any drips. If using organic produce, don’t worry about peeling carrots; just make sure you wash the vegetables well.

5 medium carrots, scrubbed
2 medium tart apples (I used Pink Lady), halved
2 Persian cucumbers
1 lemon, halved lengthwise
1 rib celery
1 (3-inch/7.5 cm) knob ginger
3 pieces fresh turmeric

Juice the ingredients one by one. When done, the juice may separate; stir to reintegrate. Drink immediately or refrigerate for up to 3 days.


  • Heidi Normand Berge

    I surprisingly have the majority of the ingredients in my fridge right now :) … may have to try this later today with my new Kitchenaid Torrent Blender. The thing is a beast and a sexy addition to my new kitchen with its “juice” setting.

    Thanks for the recipe and hope you’re doing well


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