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A very good night

Today is May 31. Which means tomorrow is June 1. June(!) How did we get here so fast? This means Bloomsday I mean the wedding is in sixteen days. Amazing.

Yesterday I spoke to the lady from the liquor store that will be providing our wedding with libations, and I’m now convinced she thinks I’m a total airhead. “What about non alcoholic beverages for those who won’t be drinking?” I think I asked her that questions three times in the span of a five minute conversation. God bless her, she was so patient with me.

In the last few weeks, my attention span has been non-existent. I am easily distracted and I take to the interwebs to relieve my anxiety about looming deadlines. Which is the opposite of coming closer to meeting them on time, but what are you gonna do about it? The internet is my valium, or so I like to think. And so in my poking around here and there, I found a few links that I think are worth a glance, a read, a laugh. I hope you like them as much as I did.


Truman Handmade – beautiful, hand-made leather goods for men. Or ladies who like unfrilly things.

At Home on the Range – the lovely folks from McSweeney’s sent me this book a few months ago and I was buried under a pile of work and only recently really got to read it. Elizabeth Gilbert, of the Eat, Pray, Love fame, discovered her late grandmother’s book while unpacking boxes in a house she inherited from her. She republished it and we all owe her a debt of gratitude. The book is resourceful, funny, full of live and real life entertaining by a no nonsense, practical woman. It’s is way ahead of its time, eschewing preserved foods, exalting farmers’ markets, and delighting in the process of cooking and sharing food. It’s a beautiful book inside and out. I can’t quite, eloquently, explain what is so remarkable about it, but it has to do with someone who was not focused on Social Medial, SEO, a following of any kind. It was written honestly and without pretenses. This is food writing minus the hand-wringing, the twee, and the precious. And I like that.

Food in Jars has a new book and it’s all shades of awesome. I want to spend the next month canning everything in sight: I want to make jams and pickles, jellies and chutneys. But I’d have to take a break to get married in between.

The world smallest radish.

Breaking food rules while traveling – a funny yet sad rant delivered perfectly by Elissa Altman.

Sometimes political things go viral for all the wrong reasons. This one is very funny.

I can’t wait for what Heidi has come up with!

Luisa waits. And eats burgers.

Deb made a rhubarb snacking cake and I want that corner piece.

And that is all for now. I’ll be back soon to tell you of that other drink we’re serving at the wedding. I shared Andrew’s drink with you. Soon I’ll share my own.


  • Claire

    Good luck with the wedding – mine was 11 years ago and some parts still shine out with full clarity cause I really stopped and said to myself ‘this is the moment when…’. Wonderful. And I have to agree with the traveling food rant – my husband and I did a 2 month road trip through the western side of the States and when we found fresh food it was like manna! Terrible that choices are so prescribed for us – and not with our best interests at heart.. I could rant on but instead might grab a juicy apple and relish the crunch :-)

  • Margarita

    Ah… that rhubarb cake by Deb is true heaven… I just got some rhubarb from a coworker and I can’t wait to turn it into that cake!

  • Radish

    Elissa – thank YOU for constantly posting such amazing stuff and making us all think! And thank you so much! :) Still glowing.

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