things to do during hurricane sandy

Sans flag today. #sandy

As Hurricane Sandy is mere hours away from New York, I’m trying to put on last minute touches on our home preparedness. I found two glass juice containers and filled them up with filtered water. While making eggs this morning, I spied some mushrooms in the back of the fridge and fried them up as well. The possibility of wasting food doesn’t sit well with me, so I’m doing the best I can to use as much as possible, while Andrew gives interviews to Canadian Television and Sky News – the celebrity that he is.

We’re hunkered down here in Brooklyn Heights, and it seems like the neighborhood is ready for the storm. The Subway sandwich shop across the street is closed as well as a halal butcher a few doors down. The streets look nearly deserted, save for a lonely runner earlier this morning and a man walking his dog – an unusual, calm feel for a usually-bustling Atlantic Avenue.

Seeing as I’m a chronic list-maker, I came up with a list of things I could do should we lose power. And even if the power remains (that would be optimal), we still have to stay indoors. Like a little forced time to just be still and cozy, right?

So here is my list, thus far, of things to do during Hurricane Sandy. What are your plans for the storm?

Making lists

1. Finish book 5 of Game of Thrones (top priority!)
2. Finish “The Oath” by Jeffrey Toobin (on my Kindle, which is fully charged)
3. Finally pack up all my summer clothes and put the winter ones on the shelves. DONE!
4. Eat lots of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
5. Snack on our ghoulish cheese crackers.
6. Learn to take naps.
7. Try writing longhand (something I haven’t done in ages).
8. Read through my growing pile of magazines.
9. Finalize Thanksgiving menu.
10. Sew on buttons to coats, sweaters (long overdue projects). DONE!
11. Eat more banana bread.
12. If I had stuff to knit with, I’d knit (used to love to do it).
13. Read through my new cookbooks and make a list of dishes I want to cook.
14. Make Alice Medrich’s brownies. DONE!

How about you? What are you doing during the storm? How are you passing the time?


  • jaime @ sweet road

    I love this idea of using the storm to be productive. While I do hope everyone is safe and prepared, why not look at the good side and see we can accomplish without the distraction of computers, television, and internet? Here is my list!

    1. Finish my current book The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
    2. Eat the stash of cheese I seem to have acquired, and why not pair it off with wine?
    3. Write letters to friends far away
    4. Continue working on a few personal art projects and get moving on some (handmade) design work
    5. Go to bed early!

  • Adrienne

    Ooh, inspiring! I have already folded the four loads of laundry I did yesterday, cleaned up from the art project we did on Saturday afternoon, tidied up the living, kitchen, and dining rooms and now I’m working on a pantry organization project that I bought containers for almost two months ago. Oy.

    The rest of the list includes:
    1. Try not to eat all of the cheese crackers I made yesterday
    2. Organize the last month’s worth of photos (until my laptop battery dies)
    3. Catch up on the magazines that showed up this week

  • Lauren

    Being productive is what I’d always like to do when the storm hits, but never ends up happening… we almost always lose power, and don’t get it back for a week…. keeping my fingers crossed we’ll keep power throughout this storm! I would like to get a lot of projects finished, but I’ll probably just end up doing a jigsaw puzzle :) Keeps me entertained every storm. :)

  • Cindy Eikenberg

    Thanks for these great ideas and thoughts! Thankfully, we have not yet lost power (or the Internet, thank goodness!!!) though have a few flooding issues to contend with. Since I will be off work tomorrow (yeah!) I will try to be a bit productive by a getting a jump start on some Christmas holiday projects. Hope everyone stays safe and I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  • Denise

    Great list. I have a problem with naps as well. No matter how tired or bored, I just cannot seem to take one. I feel that there are too many things that need to be done. Be safe and toasty!!!

  • Mariya

    Hope you are safe and comfortable. I’m sure you’ll be without power for a long time. Good luck!

  • Radish

    Mriya – we’re actually one of the lucky ones – and have power. We’re counting our blessings.

  • Katie (The Muffin Myth)

    Those brownies looked great, will you be posting the recipe? I’ve got about 400 pages to go in GoT book 5 and I’m hoping that Mr. Martin will hurry himself up and get book 6 out into the world! Glad you weathered the storm okay.

  • Radish

    Katie – I’m on a mission to find ‘the’ only brownie I (and everyone else) will ever need. I’m not quite there. Hopefully soon as I’m getting distracted by another baked good. Ditto re Book 6!

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