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Happy Friday, folks. I hope you’ve had a good week – mine has been kind of frenetic, but not in a bad way. Today and tomorrow, I am spending at the Roger Smith Book Conference, and if any of you, reading this, are there – please say hello. My ticket was very generously provided by the wonderful Brian Samuels, who is one of the speakers. Were it not for him, I’d be at home. So thank you, Brian!

Why you should give yourself permission to screw up.

I am dying to watch am addicted to House of Cards, a new show by Netflix, and think you should, at least, check it out. The lead character is based on Richard III, one of my favorite plays, and Kevin Spacey just nails it. Robin Wright plays his wife, is nothing if not tremendous in this role, very Lady Macbeth-like. While this show might be a game-changer in terms of the future of television, I wonder about the economics. Anyone else?

And speaking of Richard III, a parking lot?? Really?!?

50 Life Hacks to Simplify Your World – some are AMAZING!

A new, strange beauty trend – I’m not sure I get it.

Walter Cronkite on kitchens of 2001. Gotta love it.

A hysterical Old Milwaukee beer ad, featuring the brilliant Will Ferrel, that played during the Super Bowl but only in 3 cities.

On a completely different note, Heidi Swanson talks popovers and technique, and I’m smitten.

And finally, this totally made my week: WTF Evolution. I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile. Scroll down to the seahorse video. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  • Diana

    Wow, that story about Richard III is kind of crazy. I’ll also be at the conference (that is, if it doesn’t get snowed out!) so maybe we’ll bump into each other!

  • Georgina

    Awesome set of links! I have been trying to work on “Get Better” attitude; and the first link was such a great reminder with good tips! Thanks for also starting my day with some humour … snaggletooth…yikes!

  • Emily

    That quote from the article about the new Japanese trend : “The trend may seems out of step with American dentistry, but in Japan—where fashion trends often take their cue from child-like physical attributes—it’s a thing of beauty.” really says it all. Very different. Their views about beauty and perfection stem from a different place that those from the west. Thanks for posting it though — good food for thought.

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