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This is what I'm leaving behind. Need a declutter coach stet.

See above? That was the state of my desk Wednesday morning. By Thursday morning, my attempts to declutter have been semi-effective. See the after picture. I hope that you all have had a good Valentine’s Day. I don’t put much emphasis on the holiday and neither does Andrew – this system works beautifully for the both of us. And we pretty much forgot what day it was yesterday (we were traveling) until, at lunch, we realized all the couples around us with flowers and chocolates, and burst out laughing because, for a few seconds, neither one of us had a clue. Anyway, I hope everyone’s day was filled with love: romantic, platonic, pet’s, self-indulgent – whatever the kind, I hope it made you happy!

Relax, you’ll be more productive!

Please stop pairing red wine with chocolate – finally, someone said something!

This week marks 50 years since Sylvia Plath’s death (the Bell Jar made an indelible impression on me as a teen), but when a writer went looking for her obituaries, there were none to be found. Here’s why. Sad and a reflection of that time.

The man who shot Bin Laden. Heartbreaking and disturbing on how the US cares for its vets.

Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning in France.

A (lazy) parent’s confession. I kind of just love it.

Last week, I spent one day trailing in the ABC Kitchen. I’ll speak more to that experience some other time (in short: it was awesome!). Here is some great advice from respected chefs on how to make it as a chef.

I heart Spencer Ackerman and Danger Room – this is his crowning achievement: Battle of Hoth!

Unpaid internships are not just a rich girl problem – they’re a problem, period. I’ve said this before and I’ve said it again, people really should be compensated for their work – no one, ever, should be expected to work for free.

I’ll be the first one to say it: when it’s time for pizza, I order a Diet Coke. It’s just that pizza tastes best to me with a cola. And it’s not that I’m so into counting calories, but more that I am very anti high-fructose corn syrup. However, I may have to give that habit up too. Diet drinks are associated with an increased risk of Type II diabetes – yikes!

Apparently, to those not with their head in the sand, NYC just had fashion week! Here are, Momofuku’s pastry chef, Christina Tosi, and model, Karlie Kloss (whose haircut has been apparently dubbed as the haircut of 2013!), work out (in style too, I might add!) and make cookies. The cutest thing I’ve seen all week!

Hope your week was wonderful, happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend!! xo


  • Katie (The Muffin Myth)

    HFCS is pretty gross, but so is aspartame. Having studied both fairly extensively over the course of 8 years of nutrition studies, I choose a regular, sugary soda to go with my pizza. It’s not something I drink often, but I’d rather have the ‘real’ sugar in my body. Not all nutritionists would agree with me on this point, however, so I think it’s important to make your own informed decision.

  • Jenna

    Olga, have you ever heard of the Soda Stream? You can make your own sodas at home. I’m not sure what’s in their coke-flavored packets (I’ve only ever used our friends’ to make seltzer), but I bet you could find a cola syrup recipe somewhere that’s free of HFCS and artificial sweeteners. Just a thought. :)

    Great links this week!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for linking the “Lazy Parent” article. I could completely relate! Also, it makes me feel just a bit better knowing that my husband and I are not alone.

  • olga

    Jenna – we have soda stream and we love it. I know it sounds weird, but I just love the taste of Diet Coke. Still, will have to make an adjustment :)

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