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My first cookbook in French! A gift from a very thoughtful belle mere! Will help me polish my cooking French as well as cook the glorious food in this cook. A la cuisine!

Happy Friday, folks! I spent early hours of the morning reading the book above and one things is clear: I need to brush up on my French! Actually, another thing is clear: this book, even with my limited French, is delicious. My lovely mother-in-law brought it back from her Paris trip as a gift and I couldn’t be happier. A cookbook? Pour moi? I’ll gladly make room in our tiny apartment – books are exempt from the “no new stuff comes in until old stuff goes out” rule.

I don’t have as many links for you this week, partly because I was crazed with work and partly because I was somewhat disorganized with my time when it came to this blog. I’m getting ready for the private chef gig next week which means ordering groceries, finalizing menus, setting the kitchen in order before leaving for Boston (oh, and what a trip that was with a 7 hour delay at the airport!), emptying the fridge, and so on. But I hope the links that are here today are as interesting as in the previous weeks. Have a great long weekend friends – I hope that folks in the Northeast don’t get completely rained out. At the moment, I’m wearing a sweater – brrr.


What matters more: reporting a sexual assault or respecting the victim’s wishes?

The old person’s guide to Tumblr. Ha.

The secret lives of (some) internet climate trolls… and their slayers. Please, please take time to watch this. Important, and also quite whimsical. I loved the showdown episode! [Also, believe it or not, I didn’t find this via my husband!]

And further proof, that sometimes the internet is a wonderful thing.

What America’s falling birthrate means for the pet industry.

The Michael Moore of the grade-school lunchroom.

Sad cat diary. I swear Forrest is keeping one of these.

One of my all time favorite people, the amazing food photographer, Andrew Scrivani, made his TV debut on The Chew. Check him out – isn’t he a camera natural? ABC, can we get Andrew his own show, please?

Who is smarter: the selfish or the generous?

If corporate profits are at an all-time high, then why are corporate taxes near 60-year low?

Oh, Paul Tudor Jones, really?? The women traders globally are groaning in unison.

On creating languages in Game of Thrones – fascinating.

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