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Ginger and scallion egg fried rice for lunch. #leftovers #nofilter

Hi friends and happy Friday. The week just flew by, and not because it was a short week. I was buried under a pile of work crawling out only late in the evening to watch and episode or two of a show plucked from us far too soon that finally (finally!) got released last weekend! [Praise be!]

I might think I have a lot of work now, but in about a week, I’m going to be three times as busy and I’m a little anxious about it. To combat the mounting anxiety that I actually might have bitten off more than I can chew, especially in the month of June, I’ve made a deal with myself: starting Monday, I have to get myself to the gym 3 times or more or I’m going to go batty. This means 6am wake-up, which lately I’ve been unable to do. But to stay sane and balanced, I need to start working out again. Some time ago, I got busy for a few weeks, and then it got too hot to run outside, and then too cold again (really, I was just being a wuss), and then I took a few trips and clearly didn’t make exercise a priority. But enough about that. This week’s links are a shortish bunch, but it was a shortish week, so there you go. And even though this weekend isn’t as long as the last one, I hope it’s relaxing and fun for everyone. Come Sunday, I’ll be cooking for my client, so there’s that.


Bt toxins found in Monsanto crops damage red blood cells.

How vegetable oils replaced animal fats in the American diet.

The scientific 7-minute workout. I have to do a modified version of this because of my wrist surgery (and subsequent issue with putting weight on flexed wrists) but it’s a great workout and can be done anywhere. Great for anyone who is busy and/or traveling a lot.

Thank you, NPR, for this Arrested Development primer/matrix/all-around genius creation!

27 delightful, obsolete words it’s high time we revived. Bonus: owls!

Prince Rupert’s Drop on video for the very first time. Totally amazing and worth watching especially if you’re in touch with your inner science geek. [thank you, Ann!]

With social media, who needs experts? A very funny piece by my friend, Josh Gad.

Kitchen portraits – fascinating.

Deconstructing the doomed Tumblr-Yahoo romance.

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