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The sky today. #nofilter

This is what the sky looked like yesterday*. And this is almost what it looks like today. June, dear June, I think we need to talk…

But seriously, friends, happy Friday! A few days ago, the manuscript landed in my inbox with a heavy thud, and now there is much work to be done. Lots of chapters, lots of queries to answer, lots and lots of edits. But we’re making progress, we’re slogging along, we’re getting one step closer to the finish line, word by word.

Summers are, I think, generally for resting. Work slows down, people check out a bit more. Some places even have summer Friday hours where everyone goes home at noon, bless those places – they’re doing it right. Here, in this lovely household however, it appears to be that things are just beginning to heat up. Obviously, it happens during a period when all you want to do is pack a picnic basket, and wander over to the park. Instead, there are multiple files open on the computer, private chef menus to be finalized, groceries to be purchased, and meals to be cooked.

I hope you like today’s links, and I hope that you have a terrifically wonderful weekend. Here, in the Northeast, we are, finally, supposed to get gorgeous weather, and you know what? Since Sunday is our one year wedding anniversary, but I have to cook all day, we’re taking this Saturday for celebrating. It’s crazy to think: this felt like yesterday!

[P.S. you might notice a few cosmetic changes here on the blog – like the light grey social media buttons and such. trying to clean up this space a little at a time. hope you find it better and easier (and faster) to navigate.]

*The clouds in the picture above, were technically only named in 2009. They are called Asperatus clouds – and might be my favorite. Thanks, Andrew, for the heads up.


Amazing photos from the dawn of California’s electrical age.

Studies show that exposure to certain chemicals may increase risk of obesity.

How important is compassion in healthcare?

Why music makes our brain sing.

What nobody remembers about new motherhood. Even though I’m not yet a mother, this piece felt so real to me, so visceral. I’m so grateful to Jody Peltason for writing things down before she forgot, and so grateful that the piece got published. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for new mothers out there, but I more than ever, perhaps as I get closer to make that decision for our family, appreciate the honesty, the absence of the rose-colored glasses.

How to eat boiled eggs. A fantastic, hysterical primer from the Guardian.

And another reason why I am so so grateful that I don’t live in Russia today. Horrible and offensive.

Is it rational to give up so much privacy to fight terror? A thought-provoking piece by the Atlantic.

There’s a lot of debate going on about Edward Snowden and the role he played in exposing the NSA surveillance. Lots of smart (and not so smart) people weighing in, and you can wage meaningful debate in either direction, really. A piece that has stood out for me amidst a lot of noise, is Jeffrey Toobin’s thoughtful article. Whether you agree with Toobin or not, the piece is very much worth reading.

Also from the New Yorker: 17-year cicadas’ “Missed Connections”. Thank you, New Yorker, for this.

And a silver lining to the NSA scandal: Obama is checking your email meme.

Also this:


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