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Hi folks, and happy Saturday!

Sorry to be posting this today (with a few missing links I just can’t find anymore) as the site was down due to some hacking. My web gurus worked on it all day and by 8pm the site was back up, albeit without the latest post. Anyway, this brings us to this morning, a Saturday, and I suppose a fine day to post the links as any.

Wishing you a drama-free weekend! I’m going to test some recipes today and hopefully kick back tomorrow!


A moving piece about Vietnam GIs and the children they left behind.

Sarah Polley, Canadian actor-turned-director (did anyone see her in The Sweet Hereafter and thought she was amazing?) made a docu-drama (doubling as a family memoir) called Stories We Tell. If it’s half as good as her directing work on Away from Her, I’ll be thrilled. Can’t wait to see it.

Folks who know me well, know that I’m rather obsessed with Mickey Drexler (as in I’ve been tracking his career since my teens and can go in to hours’ long discussion on how Gap messed up by firing him) so this is cool and interesting news. Also, Warby Parker is an amazing, amazing company and I’m totally getting glasses from them soon!

This article has been going around on the interwebs – and if you haven’t read it, it’s worth a few minutes. Many points are very accurate. Why generation Y yuppies are unhappy.

Brilliant, sophisticated, sublime cartoon from the New Yorker.

A cat named Kuzya works in a Russian library and wears a bow-tie. Perhaps my favorite story out of Russia in I don’t know how long.

This Pope, you guys! I think I love him. [The link to the interview is a long article. I cannot recommend it enough, but suggest you break it up into digestible pieces.]

The strange connection between China’s one-child policy and their housing bubble.

New blood test can tell if your infection is viral or bacterial – could stem overuse of antibiotics.

My daughter’s homework is killing me. A parent laments the volume of homework of his barely teenage daughter.


  • Brian

    Some good powerful stuff! The Viet Nam Story. The China Story.
    The Russian Cat Story. Yes, the most positive thing to come out of Russia in a long time.
    The Homework Story. Are you sure that isn’t a story from the theater of absurd! I too experienced this as a parent and as a teacher. The problem starts at the top with the school leadership.
    All they care about are the test scores! They tell every teacher that their classes are to be Academically Rigorous including P.E., if they can find time for it.
    One last thought. When are you going buy Forrest a bow tie or is he an Ascot Cat?

  • Arthur in the Garden!

    Ahh, hackers. Why can’t people just be nice to each other? Thanks for reminding readers to test for diseases. As a gardener we can be exposed to many vectors which spread unusual diseases. I have been feeling tired for awhile and just thought I was working too much. I decided to push my doctor to test for common diseases that ticks and mosquitos spreads. Turns out I have a mild Rocky Mountain Spotted fever infection. A round of antibiotics and , BAMM!, I am back to new!

  • olga

    Brian – my husband and I are debating this. he’s anti dressing up animals and i feel like why have a cat if you can’t put him in funny costumes? :) I have such great ideas for Halloween.

    Arthur – glad you’re feeling better. I hear that the RMS fever infection can be a nasty bug, so glad you got some meds to help you heal!

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