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Good morning.

Hello, friends, happy Friday. Dispatch here from the land of stove/oven-less with much to report, but I’ll save the drama for a post especially dedicated to our stove woes and the shockingly terrible customer service we’ve received from Samsung. It has taken me all week of pleading, calling, being put on hold, being hung up on, threatening, screaming, pleading again, and so on – but we’ve almost resolved this issue. Hint: it’s a new stove and it’s not made by Samsung. I can’t tell you how many hours went into this process, how much time has been lost forever (and work not done), and so this fine weekend that marks my 25 years living in America (whoohoo), I will be writing, writing, writing. A lot of it will be editing and tweaking. But most of it will be writing. My alternate plans were to start taping receipts to pieces of paper in preparation for tax season (gulp), but I’ll have to save this thrilling activity for another day.

I hope you have an excellent (read: fun) weekend ahead and I hope to post more next week with updates to kitchen progress, the saga of the stove, and so on. Cheers!


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