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Happy Friday, friends. A busy, eventful week comes to an end. My book written with Marc Forgione is out in bookstores (hopefully) everywhere; I turned 36; and I finally ordered a new computer, since my current one is unlikely to survive an upcoming work trip. Good things all around with the exception of the upcoming bill for said new computer – minor details, right? A few links today, somewhat more entertaining than deep this week. Hope your weekend is restful and filled with what pleases you.
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Women wear too much makeup because that’s what they think men want. Really? I don’t think that’s true. But then again, I only base this on myself – that kind of thinking has never even entered my mind!

So you guys probably have figured out how I’m totally obsessed with sleep. Well, sleep and hydration – those are my holy grails of wellness. And I’ve long said I’m incredibly tied to my circadian rhythm. If I go to bed at midnight, I’ll still wake up at six – barring some odd event or illness – and will feel like a wreck. My natural inclination is to be in bed around ten to ten-thirty and up around six. That’s when I feel healthiest. I cannot stay out late, I am not creative at night. Mornings are my golden hours and I love the stillness. Well, apparently, your body clock is set well before you’re born and resides not just in your brain but on a cellular level all over your body! Amazing, right?

Scientists discover the Mona Lisa might the first 3-d image in history.

5 tips for dealing with micromanagers – we’ve all had them.

Did you know that 85% of the stuff we worry about never actually happens? Some thoughts on how to beat stress and boost happiness.

Hey, self-employed, work smarter not harder: tips for freelancers and small biz owners.

The history of graphic design in icons.


  • Robert

    The makeup thing I’ve never understood. 20-odd years ago, I was at an industry function where Jenny McCarthy was the guest of honor. I realize it was the weird late 80s/early 90s era, and I know she was still representing the false imagery that Playboy perpetuates, but, it looked like her face had been spackled with foundation, her eyes were DARK, and her lips appeared as if she couldn’t decide on which MAC or Benefit product to use, so why not all of the reds you got.

    Natural beauty with minimal enhancement will always attract me more than over-the-top, trying-too-hard “beauty”.

  • olga

    Robert – I agree. I get that sometimes you need to amp it up, like if you’re on stage presenting to a large auditorium, but every day stuff just makes one look like a clown of sorts.

  • Georgie

    Congratulations on the launch of the book.

    Funny, I rarely wore any make up most of my life. Even my friends gawked when I would appear at a function with my face completely naked and lacking any evidence of the harsh the chemicals. For me it was more about what I was putting on my skin, plus it made you look so much older… at least to me. I guess when your young the goal is to look older. Back then (I’m dating myself) makeup was not as eco friendly as it is today (no breakouts), so I’m more inclined to wear it today because you can practically eat some of products like, blushes and powders that are now made with cornstarch and dried vegetables and fruits. For these reason and perhaps middle age (camouflage) I wear it a couple of times a month now.

    I love the graphic design icon article – cool stuff. Happy weekend!

  • olga

    Georgie – great point on the toxicity of the stuff. I’m in the process of switching to natural products, so if you have any to recommend, please share your knowledge!! Skincare + make up!

  • Georgie

    I love exploring makeup lines at Whole Foods Beauty, Dr. Weil Origins and Sephora, all provide you samples to take home and test on your skin before a pricey purchase . I use Tarte cosmetics line as well, I love it. I break out easily even at my age, so I’m always looking for the next great product/brand that will prevent it. I’m a little nerdy ever so often I will do a search using the term (food grade makeup) to see if theres anything new out there.

    Here are some fun links on the topic:

  • olga

    Georgie – do you use EWG’s guide? Or “talk dirty” app? those are helpful in terms of toxicity.

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