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On set for @chefmarcmurphy cookbook shoot. The amazing Cedric Angeles shooting. Stunning light.

Hey friends, super short links today, for which I’m sorry, but it was one of those weeks. Monday and Tuesday found me testing ice cream all day with my amazing Van Leeuwen people; on Wednesday, I was getting my “house” in order, editing recipes, catching up on other work; yesterday I spent the day on the UWS at Ditch Plains, at the photo shoot for my upcoming book with Marc Murphy (spring 2015) – that’s one of the photos from the shoot (the amazing Cedric Angeles in the background); and today, my in-laws are coming in the afternoon, making it for a shorter work day. Then, on Monday, I fly to SF for some work. SF friends whom I won’t see – please forgive me. It will be an exceedingly frenetic time, and I’m there for work, so my time isn’t quite mine. Also, I have a recipe for you, poorly photographed, but all fleshed out, of this fish stew I’ve been making for dinner once a week or so. I’d rather share it with you than not, so expect that sometime next week. In the meantime, happy weekend to all. xo, olga


Russia quietly tightens reins on web with “bloggers law”. I have so, so much to say on this, but it’ll take up pages and pages. Just imagine, if you’re a powerful blogger with a wide reach, having to register with the government. Just imagine that for a second. Now, let’s all be grateful we live where we live. Also, what will they register people for next?

According to science and design, this is the perfect office. I’ve always been really fascinated with improving work/life balance through design and better “office” environment. This supports my thoughts about this topic for many years.

A fantastic piece by Mark Bittman about eating better.

A eulogy for Twitter. I’m very curious to see what you guys think about Twitter and what the article postulates. I sense quite a bit of it too, and in some ways, I agree.

Have compassion for yourself.


  • Robert

    Good morning, Olga;
    *Unbelievable what Russia’s doing;
    *Looks like my current office is “perfect”, and I do feel great about working here!
    *Great points from Mark Bittman; I’ve expanded my Lenten choices (no sugar/soda/chips/caffeine/red meat) to the present, though, I will treat myself to a Coke every now and then…usually with a good burger…
    *I tend to look at the vitriol on Twitter directed at the many writers/comedians I follow as minutiae, and go on to the next tweet. Patton Oswalt’s trolling can be highly entertaining, especially when someone doesn’t get it.

    Have a great time in my hometown – trying to freeze a couple of Tartine morning buns for the trip back…I’ll pay handsomely for one!

  • How to Philosophize with Cake

    I have to agree with that “twitter eulogy” most of my (pretty young) friends don’t use twitter, and even though I use it I have found it is not a super enjoyable service anymore. My entire feed is mostly spam, spam, spam with the occasional abstract comment about something. Good links, anyway! :)

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