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Ramps are pickled. Andrew can rest assured his future steak will come garnished with these beauties.

Hello, friends! I can’t contain my excitement about this weekend – because for a change it’s going to be all about relaxing. Andrew’s brother and his girlfriend are visiting and we’ve plans to eat lots, walk around, take in sights – the works! I’ve so much work piled up, but I’m so excited to be “forced” to put it – and all my tools – down for a bit. Here’s to a refreshed brain by the end of the weekend!

Separately, I have about 45 egg whites sitting in my fridge – any suggestions what to do with them? I have a short list, but I’m always curious to see what others are doing.

My morning is looking pretty busy – lots of work + a breakfast meeting before family arrives, so here are the links from this week – and I hope you all have a terrific weekend ahead. xo, olga


An excellent, searing piece on misogyny, entitlement, and nerds.

My no-soap, no-shampoo, bacteria-rich hygiene experiment. I found this article fascinating. Recently, I’ve banished all cleansers with SLS out of our house and made a conscious effort to only get cleansing agents with naturally derived detergents. I think we are much healthier for it, but this articles goes even further, suggesting that we later just entirely too much. What do you guys think?

James Hamblin of The Atlantic tries to make sense of the sugar controversy.

How comments shape perceptions of sites’ quality and affect traffic. Very interesting food for thought.

Summer is upon us, which means beach time! On our last beach vacation I read The Goldfinch. In three days. Granted, I was down with the flu, so it was pretty much the only thing I could do. But, in general, I like to take vacation as an opportunity to tackle a really big and ambitious book. The way my brain relaxes is if I engage it fully. Here are nine beach reads for ambitious people.

This teen!

This is fascinating: taking more time between babies reduces the risk of premature birth.


  • Gayle

    So many egg whites! Have you had time lately to fall in love with Michael Ruhlman’s wonderful new cookbook, Egg? I can’t get enough of the seriously interactive and beautiful iPad version.
    If there were seriously 45 egg whites in my ‘fridge, I would have to start with angel food cake (12 or so), since berry season is just about upon us, then move on to marshmallows (4 to 6, depending on your recipe), since with a gas stove you don’t have to be at camp to make a s’more before attempting Ruhlman’s beautiful nougat with nuts and dried fruit (3 egg whites) and his orange-ginger panna cotta (4). If I were feeling daring and people were coming over for dinner, he does make floating island (4) sound surprisingly easy. And you’d still have plenty left to try the possibly daunting seafood roulade (2) and a couple of cocktails…
    Have a very relaxing weekend!

  • Michelle

    I realize this is obvious, egg white omelets. And Angel Food cake sounds good. It’s berry season. . . . . strawberry short cake with homemade Angel Food & whipped cream sounds so good.

    Enjoy your restful weekend. Love reading your site.

  • Kate @Almond Butter Binge

    I think I would make macaroons. I used to get the best chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons at this deli in California that I still miss, four years later. That’s what I would try my hand at, if I had that many egg whites.

    As always, thanks for sharing. I always love your link love posts.

  • Claudia

    Pavlova…! Once the shell is dry you can freeze them to save for another day…!

  • belle

    what is the pickle dish you’ve got there? what’s in it? very curious! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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