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Happy Friday, friends! I have a compact list of links for you today partly because I’ve not had too much time this week to do much external reading, i.e. reading not pertaining to books I’m working on. I did read this current issue of the Atlantic magazine cover to cover, but that was because I spent a good chunk of time this week riding the NYC subway to and from various meetings, so I wanted to put my idle time to good use. If you’re not a regular subscriber, it’s a great issue through and through – I found just about every article interesting and engaging. I get to play for a little bit today – there’s dim sum in the works and an improv show Andrew and I will check out. But most of the weekend is very much about work (I sound like a broken record) and will be this way until August 1 and then, hopefully, it’ll be a bit more measured – or so I hope. Have a great weekend! xo, olga


Lean out – the dangers for women who negotiate. Curious.

Reading on screen vs paper. Why the smart reading device of the future may be… paper.

Paul Greenberg asks, why are we importing so much of our own fish if we control more oceans than any other country?

The end of the hipster: how flat caps and beards stopped being so cool.

David Sedaris, hilariously, on living the FitBit life.

A really compelling read: Faced with sweeping social change, conservative Christians are walling themselves off from secular society. But when religion isolates itself, both sides lose.


  • Kate @Almond Butter Binge

    You always have such a great collection of links! I love my Friday reading :)

    And yes, I second Elise — though I am not convinced it’s cucumber. Could it be zucchini, or am I just getting lame, watery cucumbers at my market?

  • olga

    Elise + Kate – just a greek salad that I’ve been very liberal with as I add radishes and take out green peppers (yuck). Place slabs of feta on top. Dressing is lemon juice, olive oil, and fresh oregano – and that’s it! It’s my go-to lunch in the summer!

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