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Happy Friday, friends!

I’m actually not the one witnessing this staggering landscape; my office faces the the back of some buildings and sits on top of our building’s garage roof. The picture above was taken by Andrew while hiking at the Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday – he’s spent the week in Boulder for work, and given these kinds of views, I can’t imagine he got much work done. I mean, would you? Look at that expanse!

I, on the other hand, have been a shut-in, waking up at five to write and edit, edit and write. It’s an all-hands on deck kind of a race to the finish line, which, if you think about it, means just my two hands, since those two books due August 1 need my uninterrupted attention. So, what’s a girl to do but work nonstop through the week and make a last-minute decision to slink away to the Cape for a few days? Have I suddenly lost my mind? Shouldn’t the next few days be hermit-like, filled with toast, hard-cooked eggs, and tomato sandwiches?

Yes – that might be the sensible thing to do, especially given the quality of tomatoes at our local farmers’ market (the very best I’ve had in awhile and certainly better than those at our last greenmarket!).

However, what I really want to do, besides finish my books in a timely fashion, is to also see my two-year old niece, whom we haven’t seen in quite some time and who is going to be sojourning, with her parents of course, in bucolic Wellfleet. She’s quite a funny kid, and I feel that with us living in Brooklyn, and her family in DC, we miss a lot of the good stuff. Important stuff.

Deadlines are important – there’s no denying it; but so are nieces and nephews who are growing up faster than the speed of light. Yesterday morning, after perhaps a bit too much coffee (my version of liquid courage), I decided that I could make the trip and meet all my deadlines. Let’s hope I’m as industrious as I’ve been while Andrew spent the week on a work trip in Boulder (lucky lucky guy).

I skipped links last week in light of the sad news from the Ukraine and the heavy news coming from the Middle East; it didn’t feel right to post, and I wanted to take the time to process. I’ll be doing that a long time. I hung on to some of the links (sorry if they feel a bit stale) but only the ones I thought might be more or less evergreen.

I hope you have a good weekend and week. I’ll be at it until August 1: editing and writing, writing and editing. Until I hit that “send” button on two separate emails, I’m singularly focused on getting things done. I have some more exciting things with you to share down the road – good things – but they need to wait. I’m hoping to an August that is calm, quiet, and still. xo, olga


I’ve been a latecomer to this site on minimalist living, but it very much resonates with me and I am trying to declutter, live on less, and acquire things only what I absolutely love. I’m planning on spending a good chunk of August paring things down. Less is most definitely more.

A helpful chart to tell you how much underwear you need to pack for your next trip.

This piece was written geared towards couples both in academia, but I think it’s particularly useful and relevant for any couple where both partners are incredibly dedicated to their careers.

Beef pollutes more than pork, poultry, study says.

Does going on vacation make you more creative when you’re back at work?

How GOP insurgent created progressivism. Fascinating.

Could Brooklyn hipsters save the middle class? Hmmm…

How to use the infinite number of email addresses Gmail gives you.

Trendy restaurant menu – is anything missing?

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  • Brian

    Good links! Read the one about academia, I can relate to that in terms of my career and my wife’s career. Sometimes I wonder if my life would have been different if we had become two household people. But,my last thought about this link is a cynical one! The female member never received a job offer. As someone who interviews people for jobs and who helps people find jobs, I can say that she had to be doing something wrong! Academia is hard, but there always seem to be jobs for people willing to work for cheap in the world of For Profit Education.
    Have a good trip!

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