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Midmorning snack.

Happy Friday, friends. It appears some cooler weather is coming our way – sounds crazy in July, but it seems like we might have a week or so when we’re actually comfortable outside. I’m all for it, but I do worry about what this means in the great scheme of things.

My ice cream book with the wonderful folks from Van Leeuwen is due August 1. My copy edits for the book I wrote with Marc Murphy is also due August 1. How the gods have arranged such a schedule is a little beyond me, but now is no time pontificate – but to do. But(!) to make things more interesting, I’ve been battling what seems to be sciatica inflammation for the last two days. I’ve never had anything like it, and I can tell you the pain can be excruciating not to mention – distracting. I’ve a slew of possible treatments to consider – acupuncture is looking good, and my angel of an agent sent me her person’s contact info, so I think I’ll be making a call today.

I skipped posting last Friday because it was Fourth of July and because I found myself (along with Andrew) in the depths of Home Depot researching balcony doors, door frames, house paint, in-wall a/c units (for those of you lucky enough to wind up with in-wall a/c, I feel your pain – incredibly high prices and virtually zero reviews to go on!). So these links might be a touch dated, and I hope you can forgive me. I’m trying to keep myself organized the best I can.

Have a lovely weekend. I’m whipping a draft of the ice cream book into shape to send to the VL team for review July 15. Then copy-edits. Then more ice cream AND copy edits – all until August 1. And then I get to pass out for a day before I pick up with another project – fun! But please – rest up for me, I need to know people have a better work/life balance out there! xo, olga

Processed food hurts your immune system – and your kids’ too.

How to completely delete your Facebook account. Hint: it’s harder than you think!

Can your face reveal how long you’ll live?

Different words used by Brits + Americans to denote the same thing. I confess: wanker is my all-time favorite insult.

And so it begins… Post Hobby Lobby religious groups want exemption from hiring LGBT. [Shakes head]

Danny Meyer weighs in on the rising rent at Union Square Cafe (and other restaurants) and what happens to neighborhoods as a result of good restaurants coming… and going. Also – this:

Our food and wine isn’t inexpensive, but it’s not unreasonably priced. To change that value equation would be inhospitable to our guests and go against our reason for existing. Nor would it allow us to continue to provide an upward career path for our dedicated employees.

I wonder if Forrest can go into the business of distressing jeans – he needs to start earning his keep!

The milkman is back – and so is milk delivery – hooray!


  • Brian

    Good links today! On the Union Square Cafe, I understand the dilemma of renting, but one can always buy or try to buy. Also, 30 years is an extremely good run for a restaurant.
    As for Forrest earning his keep,I know he already does as a good companion. Ideally Forrest still has some hunting instincts burning in his body, because when it cools down and creatures start moving inside to stay warm, you won’t have any rodent visitors. My daughter’s cat, Jonesy, has done a good job of keeping them away.

  • olga

    Brian – the issue is beyond renting/buying, it’s about neighborhoods changing from neighborhoods to more commercial, impersonal strips. I still think Forrest needs a job ;) too many naps in there!

  • Rachel@TastyThailand

    Your photo is making my stomach rumble, as I think everything on there is one of my favorite foods.

    And as for ‘wanker’, absolutely agree with you. I’m British and there just isn’t a better, more descriptive word – although it’s a bit rude :)

  • cody

    Good links today! On the Union Square Cafe, I understand the dilemma of renting, but one can always buy or try to buy. Also, 30 years is an extremely good run for a restaurant.

  • olga

    cody – if you look at NYC real estate prices you’ll see that even for such accomplished restauranteurs such as Danny Meyer, buying is not economically feasible. 30 yrs is a good run, but that tells you something about the timelessness of the restaurant. it is still a favorite place for me and my husband (who is new to it) + and people who live in the area and have gone there for 30 years for everyday dinners, birthdays, anniversaries… i know families who mark their significant occasions there. It’s like Cheers closing, or something.

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