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Morning run.

Hi folks, and happy Friday! It looks to be another somewhat leisurely weekend here (second one in a row!) – I’ll take it, because I know that in no time, things are going to heat up again! I’m off to the Bay Area next week for two days for work; it will be back-to-back busy-ness before I fly back east again.

In any case, I look forward to having wifi and maybe even catching a small in-flight nap!

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!


A nation of wineries – a very cool graphic!

Class struggle in the sky mirroring one in real life.

I, personally, have nothing against Sandberg’s “Lean In”, even though it strikes me as somewhat elitist (not using this word in a bad, judgy way) and unrealistic to apply to a large swath of the country. I’m very interested in reading it – because I think Sandberg is very bright and has a lot of good things to say, even if they don’t directly apply to me. But this piece is how most of the country’s working moms are balancing work, family, household duties. They, as a family, don’t make enough to leverage a lot of work on someone else, and so the burden to get everything done falls to them.

How bats take flight – as seen on x-ray.

Stop the hashtag abuse. You know who you are.

Dustin Hoffman talking about making Tootsie and the profound impact the experience (or even pre movie realization) had on him. Quite amazing and poignant – and something most women have, sadly, experienced.

What exactly is a facebook shadow profile and why should you care?

In Bloomberg’s New York, the poor move out, lengthening commutes.

The official ranking of 51 hottest Jewish men in Hollywood. Thank you, Buzzfeed, thank you so much.

The state of immigration. While immigration is debated in the House (heaven help them), it’s important to reflect on the history of the US insofar as immigrants are concerned.

Every teenager should have a summer of ’65. Damn.

A great post about toxic online relationships and choosing wellness over negativity.

How pregnancy changes a runner’s body.

There’s no Republican Party — there are 5 of them.

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