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Best. Sugar. Packet. Ever.

Happy Friday, friends. I think this week marks restart in craziness for me, so weekends where I get to lounge around both days are not going to happen for awhile. But that’s okay. Busy is, for the most part, good. To be honest, I’m not sure where the week went; it often felt like one interminable day. Last night we had dinner at a new restaurant set to open on Monday, Khe-yo, that will serve Laotian food – our dinner was excellent, and I’m excited about this new partnership between Chef Marc Forgione and Chef Soulayphet Schwader. Also, Laotian beer, which might be my favorite summer lager this year! Tomorrow, we might go tubing down the Delaware river with some friends. It’ll be my first time tubing, hopefully I’ll still return in one piece. And Sunday, I suspect, will be a work-focused day. But I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get lots of rest.


How money rules elections. From general stats to school lunches to gun policy. Fascinating.

In climbing the income ladder, location matters. A curious graphic…

And here is a piece in the Atlantic that gives a better explanation of the Times’ article. Are suburbs the place where American dream goes to die?

Carrie Bradshaw, the anti-hero. Revisiting Sex And the City on its 15th anniversary.

I have no words. No words for this piece. It’s long, but I highly suggest that you take the time to read it.

Some unexpected but clear results in a crack-baby study.

Live salmon cam! And… Live brown bear trying to catch and eat salmon cam! Let’s not discuss how much time I wasted this week watching these.

Louisiana is suing energy companies for wetlands damage.

10 words you’ve probably been misusing. Some good ones in there. I’d like to add “wherefore” to that list — it means “why” not “where”. I.e. “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” actually means, why are you Romeo, i.e. a Montague (and not a Capulet or another name)? Oh, and disinterested means “unbiased” not “uninterested”.

Not a new piece by any stretch, but this week I’ve been elbows deep in research on Big Data and its significance in our society on the business (and elsewhere) side. I found this article on Obama’s data team to be fascinating. I hope you take the time to read it.

New York City doctors are now prescribing fruits and vegetables.

More bad news for the bees.

Chinese babies stolen for US adoption. A gut-wrenching read.

Signs you’re at a hipster wedding. By all accounts ours was halfway there to hipster, replete with those cute, stripey straws and lemonade galore. Note to self: instead of homemade jam, should’ve sent guests home with jars of homemade kimchi. #soobvious also #missedopportunity

And lastly, some literature suggestions for Edward Snowden.


  • Christine

    Hope you have a wonderful time tubing. Now I’ve never done the DE river, but supposedly somewhere along the tubing route, there is a man set up in the river selling hot dogs. Hope you nab one! If only for the experience.

  • Jenna

    I’m really glad to see that non-adoption bloggers are sharing articles like the one you posted about adoptions from China. This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence in other countries where US couples have historically gone to obtain children; the demand is there–American couples are willing to pay large sums of money to, essentially, buy these babies (though it’s usually disguised as “fees”)–so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us that such supply-side corruption exists. It makes me so, so sad, though.

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