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Bundled up for morning yoga.  Cold snap overnight.

Happy Friday, friends! To be honest with you, I’m not sure where this week went. I thought I had blinked and it was gone. There were recipe test successes and recipe test fails. And last night I went to the NYSE for a work-related event and I couldn’t help but find it impressive and slightly overwhelming. It also stuck me as ironic that I spent ten years working in finance and had never even set foot on the exchange. And now, in my new life, so to speak, I was circling the floor looking at all the screens. It was an interesting event with interesting people, but these types of things are really hard for me; they are my Achilles heel. I’d rather address a room full of five hundred people than have to mingle in a room full of people I don’t know. A wave of anxiety washes over me, and I could easily be that person in the corner of the room, clutching her wine glass and fiddling with her phone only to look busy. So I have to make myself go up to people, extend my hand, introduce myself. Sometimes it works – and they are friendly; other times, you get a sense that you have just interrupted a conversation and they’d rather be left alone.

When I was younger and had first moved to New York, I had taken up social smoking to keep me looking busy and occupied. The cigarette, for a year or so, was basically what my phone is now – a crutch. It gave me something to do and allowed me to remain with my thoughts. Thank goodness smartphones came along – though I’m not sure they are much healthier.

By the way, that electronics Shabbat I wrote about last week – it was terrific, and I can’t wait to do it again. At the beginning, I felt a little anxious and twitchy, like I was forgetting to do something. By the mid-morning I had gotten used to not having my phone around, and by the time the sun went down Saturday night, I didn’t even want to look at my phone. I felt relaxed, less anxious, free somehow. I’m going to try it again tonight through tomorrow night.

Hope you like today’s links and have a great weekend ahead. I’m hoping to do some more yoga (that’s a pic of me heading to my Sunday morning class). Also, it’s cold out, let’s make soup!


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A new online dating platform lets users “bribe” their dates to go on a first date with them. According to the platform’s founder, “women love presents like dogs love treats.” Uh, good luck with that one.

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Here’s how the Internet hurts your sleep schedule, productivity and personal life.

Texts from William Blake. Brilliant.

When I grow up, I want to be Heidi Swanson and make amazing things like this spoon butter.


  • olga

    Margarita – right now, I go to Equinox in Brooklyn Heights (it’s close). There are a number of wonderful instructors, but my favorite is Rhua Bhay (Thu night and Sun AM). The # of times I take yoga (plus try to work out), it’s actually a pretty great deal. If we move further into Brooklyn, I’m in trouble – there’s no good gym where we are looking and yoga classes are expensive (and don’t fit my schedule). Are you local to Brooklyn?

  • Margarita

    I live in Maryland actually, but I’m currently in New York until Sunday. I just finished my 200 hour teacher training through YogaWorks and I’ve been taking advantage of the free classes at their SoHo studio. If you get the chance, try a class by Lisa Zaloga, i went to her class yesterday and almost cried because she was so good and somehow strummed something inside me.
    My teacher trainer has a gym membership at Equinox and she told me how much the membership costs. Oh my goodness… I can’t believe it costs so much. If I had to pay that much, I would go to the gym a lot too, even if its just to use the sauna. Haha!

  • olga

    Margarita – Equinox is not cheap, but I’m there on a freelancer rate (cheaper!) and it’s still less expensive than taking individual yoga classes. I can work out as much as I want to actually (not that I have time) and I can do weights, take spin, run, anything I want. The locker rooms are the cleanest I’ve ever seen and if you’re between appts, you can go in for a workout and totally use them to shower and change and not feel awkward – so it’s worth it to me. Congrats on your 200 hour teacher training. As for Thu nights, I am horribly addicted to my current instructor, Rhua Bhay, who is just amazing! :)

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