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Second pass ftw.

Happy Friday, folks. Hope your week was great and you’re ready to relax for the next couple of days. I think my greatest accomplishment for the week was to go running outside on what has been the coldest day of the fall thus far. It dipped below thirty at night and in the morning, when I set out, hat and gloves on, the thermometer informed me that while it was thirty-two degrees out, it felt like twenty-five. Nonetheless, it was precisely because I was so scared of how to properly layer for cold running weather (it’s been a few years since I ran outside in the winter), I wanted to just get it over with. And I didn’t want to be a slave to my own anxieties. So, long sleeve running shirt, thicker, thermal shirt over it, long tights, and such, I set out to see how I’d do. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. At all. In fact, it was pretty great, incredibly invigorating, and fun. And it made me think about things we are afraid of and things that make us anxious – most of the time, it’s never as bad as we imagine it to be. And even if it is unpleasant, at least we can say we faced our fear, and in some small way – conquered it.

Also, I made soup for Thanksgiving and froze it. And I can’t wait to tell you about it next week!

This past week, weekend, and next week I’m finding myself swimming in second pass edits while trying to make progress with other projects. It’s a tad daunting, I must admit. But it’ll have to get done one way or another. On Saturday we hope to measure the new kitchen thoroughly and paint a tiny room adjacent to the kitchen that will be my home office. Since the room doesn’t get much light, we want to paint it a striking white in hopes to restore as much crispness and cheerfulness to it as possible. And on Sunday, we are planning a trip to Ikea (the test of every relationship) to do some research on their kitchen cabinets, design, and approximate costs. I plan on testing a few recipes and I am hoping to get through nearly 400 pages of the second pass edits. Wish me luck!


For whom the kale tolls. A great response to that article last week that made the rounds (how Paris has been “ruined” by hipsters).

Children’s drawings painted realistically – I LOVE this!!

Why you shouldn’t be able to keep your health plan.

Have you seen the video for the invisible bike helmet? Kind of amazing!

How to feed your family from a food bank.

16 people on things they couldn’t believe about America until they moved here.

The nanny recipes – skip the microwave. So, so out of touch.

The end of the Waffle House. If you haven’t yet read this story, you absolutely must – beautiful and moving.

The messy, messy relationship between income (and race) and obesity.

The cost of killing off real food writing.

Michiko Kakutani on Lou Reed. Beautiful.

Ten grandmothers around the world pictured with their most comforting dish.

Why Nazi-seized art is only just resurfacing – and how it will change the art world.

And last but not least, it’s the weekend. Go pour yourself a drink. The bourbon family tree.


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