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My month of loafing has been off to a non-loafing start. Let’s hope that after today loafing commences at full force, though I’m not so good at doing nothing, so knowing me, I’ll probably reorganize our hallway closet or something. Because I was busy tying up a few loose ends for one of the books, I was a bit preoccupied and didn’t read as much – hence the short list of links. At least I got to cook a fair amount this week – always a good thing – eggplant caponata, broccoli slaw, blackfish with olives and lemon, a black currant streusel cake I’m testing (still have a round or two left to tweak), lobster rolls, lots and lots of pesto to make good use of the most immense pile of basil I got at the market. I made lobster stock with the lobster carcasses – and now I’m thinking of ways to use it up. Lobster + corn risotto? Fancy seafood chowder? Any other ideas, friends?

I hope you have a great weekend ahead. We’re off to Home Depot – again. Hoping to finalize our balcony door solution – the frame, as well as the door, are rotted through and through – and we need to do something about it. Until next week. xx


Jody Williams on Paris vs New York … and potato chips.

Russia bans Nutella, Tabasco among other US-made food stuffs.

Hedge funds run by women outperform those run by men.

I want it; and I want it now. It’s time for instant gratification.

How to keep track of your passwords without losing your mind. I use Dashlane and I love it.

Happy 20th birthday, French Laundry! Here are 15 lessons from chefs + staff whom you trained.

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  • Kate

    I could totally work at French Laundry, I use some of those strategies. *wink wink* Painters tape and a sharpie. Everything gets marked and dated. Too many times I thought “I’ll know what this is” and then didn’t know what it was! And a compost bowl is always ready. Especially during CSA season!

    Now go relax!

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