salad will have to wait

cucumber radish salad

I was going to write about salad tonight. But it’ll have to wait until another day – because this here today needs its own place, and not be an afterthought to a recipe. And because I have a habit of really burying the lede, I didn’t want to be guilty of that today. This is important – it’s a biggie.

I don’t quite know how to write this any differently, so I’m just going to come out and say it – two nights ago, Andrew and I got engaged. There, I said it. I’m engaged!

Engaged to a lovely, incredible man, who makes me swoon when I see his face early in the morning and who makes my heart swell with love when we fall asleep. In the year we’ve been together (almost a year!) he’s made my life richer and brighter than I could ever imagine. He inspired me to take that career altering leap – he believed and continues to believe in me. An editor, a taster, a sous-chef, dishwashing helper, avid eater of desserts (particularly of the apple persuasion) – he is my best friend, my cheer leader, my partner-in-crime. And here’s the best part, he doesn’t just come alone – he comes with the most amazing family a girl can hope for. I feel like I won the family lottery – which is the best kind of lottery there is, right?

Life is kind of funny sometimes – and what a difference a year can make!

A year ago, to the day, I broke up with someone who, while is probably a very nice person, wasn’t a very nice boyfriend. Or rather he wasn’t a very nice boyfriend (for whatever reasons) to me. And so I ended it. The day after my birthday. And to make it even more official, since I was in a mood to celebrate the putting-my-foot-down event, I tweeted something to the extent of what I was looking forward to eating with my next boyfriend: cheese, butter, sour cream, pulled pork sandwiches, pizza, and bacon. Three days later, Andrew walked into my life (or rather re-walked, but that’s a story for another day). A few whirlwind weeks of dating (and keeping our relationship secret from everyone) cemented our relationship. Then after a trip to Florida in June, we pretty much were inseparable, living in two apartments, taking our duffels with us every few days. In January, we moved in together – Andrew traded his midtown digs for Brooklyn. And last Saturday night, after a daylong walk in the city, a stop for bahn mi, some chocolate along the way, a stunning meal at ABC Kitchen, and hours before I turned 33, Andrew, in the privacy and solitude of our apartment, proposed – and I accepted.

It was a quiet and low-key proposal, just the two of us sitting on our couch. I cried, and, according to Andrew, I made up words amidst all the excitement. Can you blame me?

And I always said that the right person for you will always make you feel like the superhero version of yourself. And that’s how I feel around Andrew. On days when my superhero cape needs mending, and my confidence is shaken, he renews my faith in myself. I’m floored every time with how much he believes in me.

They say that when you know, you know. I never thought I’d be the girl that knew. I was always careful and doubtful. I never had that feeling of certainty until Andrew. But I knew very early on with him. And it’s impossible to explain how I knew. It just felt like the most right thing in the world. Everything, suddenly, made sense. I felt grounded and certain and calm. Finally, I wasn’t a beat behind the world – I was in sync with it. I still pinch myself every morning and every night I count my blessings.

And so – a new chapter begins. I’m marrying my best friend. And I’m so glad I can share these good news with all of you.


  • Whitney

    OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy this moment before you get into wedding planning. It really is magical.

    He did good on the ring :)

  • carter @ the kitchenette

    I’m so, so, so happy for you both. And I love that you made up words. My husband tells me I asked him “are you kidding? are you serious?!?!” about 15 times before saying yes… although I don’t remember doing that. Now on to the fun stuff – planning the party!

  • Molly

    Mazel Tov!

    Your ring is amazing, but I am sure nowhere near as incredible as the man who gave it to you. Here’s to a life full of desserts, clean dishes and a best friend to share in both.

  • Peggy

    I’ve only been following your blog for a short time but would like to wish you a long and wonderful life together! Congratulations and all the best wishes for a life of joy and happiness with your best friend!!! ~Peggy

  • Lana

    Congratulations! Your story made me tear up, but in the nicest way. I am an incorrigible romantic:)
    I wish you both the best!

  • kamran siddiqi

    Congratulations to the both of you, my friend! I am soo glad to know that the perfect couple that I met at BlogHer last year will be getting married!

  • Ashley

    What a beautiful post! Congratulations friend. I couldn’t be happier for you. Salad will wait, for now it’s Champagne!

  • rachel

    That’s wonderful news! My husband and I met and then got married exactly one year after our first date. When you know, you know!

  • Kristen

    So exciting. Much congrats to you! Have fun planning the wedding and more importantly, your life together! Beautiful ring.

  • Carol

    What a beautiful and sweet story~ many many congrats to you!! He really did good on that ring too!

  • Claire

    Great news! You sound deliriously happy which is the perfect way to be so hooray and hope that the magic never fades!!!

  • Kasey

    Oh, Olga. They always come into our lives when we least expect them to. Congrats on the wonderful news! Gorgeous ring to boot :)

  • Egle

    Congrats for you 2! Wish you all the best.
    Almost a funny thing – my future husband proposed me exactly a year ago :)

  • kickpleat

    oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both! What a gorgeous ring and a lovely story. And as I read, my C proposed to me also after a fantastic day out in the solitude of our apartment as well. Yay, I’m nearly teary eyed!

  • Jess

    Olga! Yes! So thrilled for you both that you (re-)found each other. The happiest of birthdays to you, indeed!

  • Renee

    We’re thrilled to be able to share your engagement with you too! Congratulations and best wishes to the future Mr. & Mrs.!! :)

  • Brandee

    From a complete stranger, a world away : Congratulations! It is always wonderful to see someone happy.

  • Radish

    Everyone who has commented thusfar – THANK YOU!!! You make my heart swell with even MORE joy than I already feel. Hugs to all!!

  • Beth

    Hi! Congrats! De-lurking to say, HOW WONDERFUL! I’ve been reading your blog over the last year and so even though you have never heard of me before, I was so excited to hear your news and even got a little teary :) I mean that in a totally non-creepy way.

  • Martha Joy

    “On days when my superhero cape needs mending, and my confidence is shaken, he renews my faith in myself. I’m floored every time with how much he believes in me. ”
    This made me cry with joy. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations!

  • Rick

    You say that you don’t know how you knew, but, you knew!
    Don’t try to explain it. I just knew 54yrs ago, now I’ve been married for 51yrs to my still best friend.

  • Chez Us

    Congratulations! I have goosebumps on my arms, and tears of joy being held back. Very happy for you. Happy you found a good man. A good friend. A good lover. A soul-mate. Much happiness always.

  • MIchelle

    YAY!!! So excited for you! I could feel it coming reading your posts :) Wish you best of luck!

  • Lyssa

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying it ever so much.
    I am just SO happy for you and Andrew for your engagement.

    Blessings upon both of you from this NY born Jew!

  • Arezou

    Congratulations to you both!! I am so happy for you. It is truly wonderful when you find your best friend in the whole world :)

  • tea_austen

    So wonderful, Olga–I’m delighted for you! I especially love how you describe your relationship. How special, how lucky. I am cheering for you both on the west coast.

  • Lydia

    Your blog post is practically shimmering with happiness, and even though we haven’t met, I’m delighted for you. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. (Love the ring, btw!)

  • Foodiebia

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I know what it’s like to meet your husband and just “know.” He sounds like a great guy for you!

  • Elinor L.

    Oh I am so happy to get this news! I’ve known Andrew since he was in utero, so I confirm, endorse, cheer, celebrate and toast this wonderful announcement. And such a beautiful way to tell the world. xoxo

  • Christy

    I guess I have never commented before although I have been following your blog for what seems like forever. This past summer, I summoned the guts to drive to the home of the man of my dreams and, as chance would have it, he was outside, readying himself to go Somewhere. We locked eyes while my car was idling on the street, I pulled into the driveway and, well, we’ve been inseparable since. (He calls me The Infiltrator because I moved in “sometime” and have ever so slowly influenced our household. But in a good way (I have this laundry obsession). Life cannot be better than being with The Best Friend one can have, can it?)

    Congratulations! And, whoa! What a nice surprise! All my best to the two of you.

  • Charlotte

    What wonderful news (although not that surprising given how you talk about him here). Congratulations to you both. Enjoy these wonderful and exciting days. And thanks for posting your excitement – it is such fun to share in good news. And takes me back to my own engagement.

  • Mila

    Dear Olenka, Congratulations on your engagement! It’s the best story!
    With all good wishes to both of you, Love, Mila, Marik,Juliya, Ilya.

  • Yale

    I’m so glad that you like the ring! One of the great privileges and pleasures of being in the diamond and jewelry business is to a part of other people’s joyous occasions.

  • Grace

    That’s wonderful. I love what you said about the right person making you feel like a better version of yourself. True! I’ve been with the right one for me for 13 years and now and I’m going to pass on to you the best wedding advice you will ever get and the only wedding advice I got that was really useful…

    Don’t f*** it up.

    Yes, it’s that simple, when you get right down to it. Keep it at the front of your brain ready to go. When you are about to say something nasty in exasperation, or do something you know will hurt his feelings, or when you are about to put your foot wrong in a more serious way, just refer back to that.

    Congrats to you both!

  • jordan

    over the last few months i’ve become such a fan of your site. i’m so happy for your engagement! i’ve been through almost the same exact situation this past year {without the proposal, we’re still in college :)} so i can totally relate. just shows that you trusted your gut and made the right decision. congrats!

  • Nina

    Congratulations! what a great news!!! and I was expected that this should happen very soon!

  • Anne

    From your old travel friend, warmest wishes on your latest tasty adventure, cook up somthing good in and outside the kitchen! Love, Annie

  • emiglia

    Gorgeous ring, beautiful story, congratulations and warmest wishes to you both! I look forward to reading even more stories about the two of you and your adventures in food, life and love together.

  • Radish

    Yale – thank you so much for your comment!! And yes, you’re in a joyful business indeed!! The ring is lovely, though I would’ve been happy with just anything, I am a lucky lady!

  • Farah

    I have been following your blog since I discovered your rice pudding with coconut milk recipe (it made my Valentine’s day extra special and has been a big hit at family gatherings-thank you!). I was anxiously awaiting your next post when I saw the wonderful news-Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and stunning ring! Warmest wishes for a fabulous life together filled with love, happiness and delicious adventures!

  • Donna

    Awwe! Such a sweet story, I almost started crying at work! Thank you for sharing, and I wish you both many happy days together!

  • Lori

    Beautiful story. You are right. When you know, you know. Sounds like you have a solid foundation for a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. Many best wishes and congratulations!

  • Amy @ Poor Girl Gourmet

    Olga!!! This is such great news – congratulations! Enjoy your engagement, your wonderful fiance (soon to be husband!), and hitting the family lotto! There is no better lottery to win than that!

    p.s. your ring is stunning!

  • Esther

    I couldnt stop reading your post. Im so very happy for you, and hope one day i ‘know’ just like you ‘knew’ when you found mr right.

  • Jenn

    Congratulations to you both! This is the sweetest and best engagement story I’ve ever read…it left me in a limbo between tears and uncontrollable smiles.

  • Martine

    Thank you for sharing your story – it’s so beautiful and exactly what I am hoping to happen for myself. I wish you both a life together full of love and happiness, although it sounds like you already have it.

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